July 04, 2005

Nate Cool Out gave me the "tag, you're it" on this music list meme wotsit, and I've been procrastinating for what, two and a half weeks? There's fuck-all to do tonight, so now I have no excuse. Here goes.

Total volume of music files on my computer: My "mp3s" directory has 15.9 GB, 147 album folders, and 3,673 files. I have a few extra folders on my desktop: a "Let's All Get Crushed" mix a friend made and YSI'ed earlier this year (128 MB, 18 files), a collaborative thing called "Lars Ulrich Street Team" (570 MB, 117 files), and "unfiled music" (186 MB, 30 files), a catch-all for stray tracks that need retagging, etc.

Last CD I bought was... I honestly can't remember. The last LPs I bought were from the Salvation Army -- various private-press records by mom 'n' pop Christian groups, high school band camps, and Korean children's choirs. The last album I successfully d0wnl0@d3d was John Convertino's Ragland.

Song playing right now: Arthur Russell, "Let's Go Swimming (Arthur Gibbons Mix)"

Five songs I listen to a lot these days:

Tom Waits, "Burma Shave"
Gun Club, "St. John's Divine"
Out Hud, "Old Nude"
Bill Fay, "Garden Song"
Tuxedomoon, "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"

Now I'm supposed to pass this on to someone else... I see o.nate at Face in the Crowd hasn't done one yet! Off you go, mate.


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