June 23, 2005

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How is it possible that so few people know about the Flickr Chowhound group? Consider this a bit of free advertising, and for good measure, here's my picture of tonight's dinner, the Vietnamese crepe from the confusingly named Dao's Tai Pan's (446 N. Wilmot Road, Tucson). As you can see from the pic, the dish was presented beautifully, and the crepe itself had a gorgeous texture, but the fillings (a few shrimp, sliced beef, a LOT of bean sprouts) were what the Iron Chef judges call "delicate" when they're being euphemistic. The sauce served alongside was nice and made the "delicate" claim more of a real compliment, but I still thought the dish was lacking something. Subtlety can be a great thing, but the flavor should linger on your palate (and in your mind) after your plate has been bussed away.


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