March 27, 2002

It's Passover, and there's a humongous bottle of Chilean cabernet on the dining room table. It's not Manischewitz (oh, gimme a break, I like that stuff), but I'm getting a considerable buzz from it. Should I feel guilty that I'm using this religious symbol of suffering to ease my own? No. It's only a symbol. And what's the crime about wanting to feel good on a holiday?

News item number two: I'm hoping to get a tattoo! My friend Will is coming to town in a few days and the plan is for us to both get identical tattoos. If the stars are properly aligned, I'll be able to afford the one I want (adapted from the poster from F.W. Murnau's classic 1922 vampire film, Nosferatu). If I do get it, Freezing to Death readers will be among the first to know. I'll even post a picture! At the very least, I'll try to get one up of Will's. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

March 19, 2002

I'm not freezing to death tonight. I'm very warm, and very drunk. I'd like to thank the fine people of the Grand Marnier corporation for being the benefactors of my imbibiousness. Can you whistle the tune of a Grand Marnier Cosmo and a Grand Marnier Margarita? I can. Had a few beers on top of that. It doesn't take much with me.

I'm not one to promote any sort of "corporation," but golly, there was some sort of film wingding tonight with free finger foods (I just had a carrot) and freely flowing booze. The main event was a screening of the new Peter Bogdanovich movie, The Cat's Meow, a fun flapper frolic with a delicious cast (oh Joanna Lumley, you are the cat's meow indeed).

March 06, 2002

Thing I Hate of the Day:

Yahoo and their new "migration" to the Yahoogroupization of their just-fine bulletin-board system, Yahoo Clubs. Why are they doing this? Apparently, they don't think we're looking at enough ads. Under the Yahoo Groups format, we're forced to look at ads before we can read any posts in the club. These ads are accompanied by the disclaimer "Yahoo Groups is an advertising-supported service." Well, hey now, no shit! The alternative is that you can have these posts sent to your inbox -- with huge ads in the messages!! Revolt, people.

March 05, 2002

I'm a listmaniac! Vist my Amazon list of desert-island favorites and see what entertainments keep Freezing to Death's blogger-in-chief cozy. My favorites extend beyond movies, music, and books, but that'll all be revealed in due time. Call me Salome, peeling away those elusive veils like a mean-spirited stripper. Or call me an onion. I won't cry.

My most recent "fave" is Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," a banal choice, but a sincere one. I'll try to review it in the style of a windbag celebrity on a VH1 special:

"There's just so much…stuff going on…so much, like, sonic…stuff. It's amazing. It is truly…a classical…piece of music…in the truest sense. Freddie Mercury was a classicist. Those harmonies…just…wow."