September 29, 2003

curiosities of biological nomenclature, curiosities of advertising, and gregg allman's proudest moment.

September 26, 2003

Leonard Cohen, Silly Putty, The Ukraine.

September 25, 2003

New York Pict Mission is a photo essay of southern New York highways and road signage. This is one of my favorite parts of the country, and as close to a "second home" as I've ever had (grew up in NYC and spent damn near every weekend of my youth dashing off to the Hudson Valley to see my parents' crazy hippie friends, or my crazy brother, or whatever the occasion required). I have plans to spend some time up here around Xmas, but I think I'm gonna need to make a special early November jaunt to see some Hott Autumn Foliage Action.

September 19, 2003

Heads up! Hoffman and Dye (of Ultrachrist semi-notoriety) hit L.A., and like Randy Newman before them, they love it.

September 18, 2003

September 17, 2003

September 16, 2003

"Like a skunk, it's small, it's cute and it stinks" -- and other outtakes from the Zagat survey.

September 14, 2003

Friendster message of the week:

From: robin
Date: September 14, 2003 8:19 PM
Subject: non sequitur

Message: i saw you on geeta's list-of-friends, was just
wondering about the name.
there's a greasy 24-hr diner in atlanta, aptly
named the Atlanta Diner, which serves a dish
called Disco Fries. tasty, but definitely
heart-attack-inducing. so who are you? do you
cause cardiac arrest too?

September 11, 2003

"... the train, with its six engine units and its string of silver cars, crawled up the Rockies, around hairpin turns, through deep tunnels bored into the mountains, across gorges, past pine-peaked hill tops. It was a terrifying, thrilling crawl up the Continental Divide." (from the California Zephyr Virtual Museum)

September 09, 2003

The new thing I'm obsessed with collecting is vintage menus. I scanned one this morning.


September 04, 2003

"This article reads like a veiled press release," CKB said yesterday. I concurred. Looks like we were right.

September 02, 2003

unclaimed baggage and dead letters