July 03, 2005

Ahh, nothing quells the boredom of a cruel summer quite like poorly produced reality television, and for that I've been turning to Beauty and the Geek. Since there's more than enough online reportage of this show (TVGasm and Television Without Pity are pretty good resources), I'll point n00bz to those and assume the rest of you have been watching right along with me. This is the part where you share in my excitement (is that the word?) that Shawn has a blog! And so does Joe, the recently eliminated shy albino with a secret love of hip-hop. Don't know much about the rest of them, although TVG and TWoP note that Lauren is (cough) an actress who sometimes turns up as an extra in other reality shows, Mindi was on her alma mater's dean's list, and that Richard (who I love with all my heart) is a recent Brandeis graduate from New Jersey.


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