June 23, 2005

Let's end the week with a couple of obscuro U.K. psych mp3s from a Deram/Decca singles comp called The Psychedelic Scene. Deram was an offshoot of Decca, specializing in post-Invasion psychedelia and mod, as well as northern soul. Later on, Deram put out records by the Mo-Dettes, Kylie Minogue, and Bananarama, but The Psychedelic Scene focuses on late '60s artists, mainly with a grandiose, orchestral bent (unlike the raw noisiness of contemporaneous U.S. groups). The two songs below, "Bird Has Flown" and "Meditations," are pretty representative of the compilation as a whole. I'm also gaga over the Al Stewart track, but since I just posted "In Brooklyn" here a few weeks ago, I won't clobber you over the head with more Stewart. Unless you'd like me to. Because I'm on a big Stewart kick lately.

The Societie - "Bird Has Flown"
Felius Andromeda - "Meditations"


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