June 29, 2005

An ILE thread asked posters to list their interests (a banal topic, sure, but people's answers can occasionally be revealing). I shot for a list of 20 things and here's what I came up with:

01) animals (cute ones like anteaters and iguanas)
02) music (at this point more of an instinct than an "interest")
03) technology
04) urban planning/land use (& history thereof)
05) graphic design/typography
06) interior design/textiles
07) photography
08) 20th century architecture
09) thrifting/scavenging
10) food
11) travel (& history/advertising/marketing thereof)
12) language/grammar/semantics/etymology (though not as much as i used to be)
13) learning How Things Work
14) obtaining secret knowledge
15) trying to find sensible workarounds for Being Oppressed By The Man
16-20) elliott gould


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