May 11, 2002

Top five exclamations in a rock song (filed by artist/title/exclamation):

1) Twisted Sister/"We're Not Gonna Take It"/"You're all worthless and weak!"

2) Bachman Turner Overdrive/"You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet"/"Go to school!"*

3) Stranglers/"Walk On By"/"Just go for a stroll in the trees!"**

4) Runaways/"Born to be Bad"/"Mom, I just called to tell ya I joined a rock and roll band and I won't be coming home no more!"

5) Waitresses/"Square Pegs"/"SUSPENDED?!? Suspended for WHAT??"

*From BTO's performance on Musik Laden or one of those '70s Krautvarietyshows. I don't remember whether this utterance is on the album version as well.

**In that "English hippie" voice (I cite Neil from The Young Ones, Robyn Hitchcock on "Let's Get Really Mellow Together Baby," or the "Plah-stic" lyric in the chorus of Adam and the Ants' "Plastic Surgery," sung by the backing Ants).