May 11, 2002

Stayed up late and watched The Craft on HBO. I'm fairly sure that the last time I saw it I was stoned and licking the grease off a Domino's pizza in a dorm room somewhere in upstate New York. Hey, I dig that mid-'90s alternasoundtrack! (Letters to Cleo's cover of "Dangerous Type"? Love Spit Love doing "How Soon is Now"? Anyone who actually bought and who still owns a Letters to Cleo or Love Spit Love album raise your hands now. Don't all... raise your hands... at once.) I dig Fairuza Balk exclaiming "Punk rock!" when she sees the dykey Gillian Anderson lookalike's suicide scars. I love the lame CGI gothness of the whole thing. The lightning! The chanting! The short Catholic-school skirts! The black lipstick! The snakes!

Almost as cool as Freeway 2: Confessions of a Trickbaby.