March 18, 2003

Blogger is plunging into previously uncharted depths of suck. Bear with me.

Update: SSCB will be back soon -- not just meaning "new issue" but the actual site will be back up soon. I have a month-to-month plan with my webhost and their accounting department keeps fucking up my billing information for stupid reasons) (my credit's good now! no really!). I finally realized why I wasn't getting any e-mail this morning -- THEY CLOSED MY ACCOUNT. Then their "ops" tool wouldn't work for me (says my account's closed, so haha I can't make any payments to a nonexistent account!); and when I went into my mostly disused Hotmail account to write to the billing department, Hotmail actually (is this new?) barred me from sending the message because my mailbox was too full (with the spam that THEY'RE supposed to help combat, those fuckwads). What a day, what a day.