February 28, 2003

Top Ten:
1) Exposé's Exposure
2) Dreyer's Dreamery Tiramisu ice cream
3) Jimmy Webb's "Up, Up, and Away" and "Wichita Lineman"
4) the remote control, for turning the TV off
5) Tales of Gaslight New York
6) the new, clean, illo-free design of Barnes & Noble's shopping bags
7) The Jacksons' "Blame It On the Boogie"
8) Paul Oratofsky's "NYsCenes" photography exhibit at Chelsea Market
9) The one-two punch of La Traviata's chicken parmigiana hero and garden salad w/ vinaigrette
10) happy hour at Art Bar

Bottom Ten:
1) MSNBC giving Phil Donahue the axe
2) the smoking ban
3) the lingering pain of losing my favorite local Szechuan restaurant to some clueless Asian-fusion idiots who are gonna run the place into the ground in two months (thanks a lot, assholes)
4) every thoughtless schmuck who rides a bicycle down a crowded street in New York City
5) Flaky Nerve mentalists
6) missing sleep to avoid oversleeping
7) Powweb's clunky, Hotmailesque new webmail interface
8) love, and the lack of it
9) the phrase "my coffee" as used to describe an abstract daily necessity
10) the not-quite-boring-not-quite-interesting CD that came with February's Uncut