March 17, 2003

24 hours after, I have a hangover. These delayed hangovers are weird; I spent the day 100 percent brighteyed/bushytailed despite getting home at 6:30 am and not even bothering to take so much as a 2-hour nap until seven hours later. Now I'm up and feeling migrainey and I can't sleep so there's music on (there's always music on).

Aztec Camera - "We Could Send Letters" (produced-to-holy-hell High Land, Hard Rain version and more dissonant, "pastoral" single version on the NME C81 comp... latter beats pants off former, but both are durn purty)

Bob Dylan - "She's Your Lover Now" ("...yes you, you just sit around and ask for ashtrays, can't you reach?")

"Hocus Pocus" (orig. Focus version, and hilarious Vandals and Helloween covers of aforementioned audacious euroyodelprog exercise)

D.I. - "Richard Hung Himself" (the national anthem for aging punXor suicidalists)

Rolling Stones - "Wild Horses" (the less said about me just barely rescued from passing out on the Siberia couch by the dulcet strains of etc etc on the jukebox the better)

James Brown - "Lost Someone" ("I'm so weak... I'm so weak... I'm so weak") (and he even exclaims "gee whiz!" -- but DON'T mistake the Godfather's pain for family-counseling tweemo fruitiness)

J. Geils Band - "Love Stinks" (ok and the Joan Jett version too, although hers is sorta anemic in comparison and I don't have a low-budget music video to associate it with)