March 09, 2003

Top Ten:

1) my friends (they rule)

2) Kelly Osbourne's "Dig Me Out"

3) Super Rap

4) Yes' Tormato

5) the bonus disc of the Style Wars DVD

6) Pantene Classic Care Complete Therapy Conditioner

7) coming to terms with my complete indifference to Guided By Voices

8) Our Bodies, Ourselves: A Book By and For Women (1976 "revised and expanded" ed. with funny fotos of '70s lesbians) (bought off some book dude on Court St. for two US dollars)

9) the view from the Brooklyn Bridge crossing into Manhattan by cab late last Thursday night on our way to APT


Bottom Ten:

1) the fuckin' fare hike

2) trying to buy a $6 12" on Insound and realizing I only had $2 credit left on my Visa

3) being too sick to do much of anything, yet somehow doing EVERYTHING anyway

4) it's not summer yet

5) my ever-growing suspicion that college is the worst thing that can happen to a kid

6) my emotional tug-of-war between cabin fever and civic pride

7) insomnia

8) Tenenbaumesque levels of despair over my failed singing "career"

9) the perennially untapped potential of the New York Transit Museum

10) not having a working camera