September 11, 2002

I wanna make something clear -- because I have a weird sense of humor, and sometimes when I'm being sarcastic I make it extra-difficult for people to read between the lines. That post I made a few days ago, the one where I said I was sick and how that entitled me to act like a jerk? Well, I meant some of what I said, and some of it, including that "hating indie is like hating black people" thing, was tongue-in-cheek, a bit of confoundingly meaningless blustery bragadoccio added for my own amusement (see: "Nobody listens to techno"). The sentiment is not entirely untrue -- I feel that an across-the-board blanket hatred of any mass culture is a show of ignorance, and it's pretty wrongheaded to dismiss a whole culture because there are a few people (or bands) or viewpoints that rub you the wrong way. I probably shouldn't have used the phrase "black people," because that tends to get people up in arms regardless of the point you're trying to make (I could have substituted ANY ethnic group or lifestyle), but "hating" was really the operative word. And it's not like I said "beating the shit out of" or "stringing up" or "holding political rallies to protest the integration of" -- if that's how you read it, that's your problem.