September 04, 2002


Subject: Editor,international Vladimir Nabokov society: Deflorated teens on video release

Dear mr. Editor

Do not continue unless you know your local obscenity laws and, furthermore, know that they do not prohibit the
viewing of adult material.

1.I am at least 18 years of age.
2.The sexually explicit material I viewing is for my own personal use and I will
never expose minors to said material.
3.I am not a U.S./European Postal official, nor law enforcement agent, or acting
as an agent thereof, attempting to obtain any evidence for the prosecution of any
individual or corporation, or for the purpose of entrapment.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language:


Fourth Edition. 2000.SYLLABICATION: def·lo·ra·tion
NOUN: 1. The act of deflowering. 2. Rupture of the hymen, typically in sexual intercourse.
ETYMOLOGY: Middle English defloracioun, from Late Latin dflrti, dflrtin-, from dflrtus,
past participle of dflrre, to deflower. See deflower.

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