September 06, 2002

I'm sick as hell and I think this gives me carte blanche to be a total jerk to everybody this weekend.

So: Things I hate.

1) People who are stuck in the past.
2) People who are stuck in the present.
3) People who are obsessed with some vague "future" and get their jollies pretending that musical innovation gives them the right to deem anything else irrelevant and useless.
4) People who have across-the-board hatred for specific genres of music, regardless of how varied and complex those genres might be. "I hate indie" is as bad as "I hate black people." Oh yes it is.
5) People who think they're "above" punk rock because they think that 25+ years of lame-ass media ponderousness equals what punk rock actually is (and I don't even know what "is" is). The ones who hate punk because of those limited definitions are the ones who are ignorant to all of the seized possibilities and all the good that has come from whatever movements have existed under that aegis.

So shut the fuck up. All of you.