September 08, 2002

Alex Cox: "And I very much like that sequence which Abbe Wool improvised - the one of Sid and Nancy kissing in the alley with the garbage falling all around. She invented that scene, which was shot by Roger, when we lost a location at the last minute and had to improvise a bridging scene. In some ways it's the best moment in the film. Pray For Rain apparently find that piece of music being used by directors and editors when they hear the "demo" version of films they're supposed to score."


Alex Cox: "On the American poster, yes. And if you compare it to the original scene you'll see those aren't really the legs of Chloe Webb! Chloe's legs, which are fantastic, still weren't enough for the marketing department. They photographed the legs of a BARBIE DOLL for the poster. Which is somewhat ironic, since in the film Nancy complains she'll never have legs like Barbie's."