September 05, 2002

The good news first: I'm going to see the Walkmen tonight. This rules, because I've fucked up or missed out on every opportunity I've had to see them thus far -- including my More Than Music pilgrimage in July (I was too exhausted to stick around the extra couple of hours that Sunday night). So, as a vocal champion of Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone, I'm excited. In preparation, I listened to an archived webcast of their live set on WFMU. What a FANTASTIC sound -- like a hand-cut piano roll at some Weimar carousel with a sign on the wall sayin' Achtung Baby. What a great vocalist Hamilton Leithauser is once you get past the not-for-everyone constipated-Kinks thing he does. I love the drawl, love the sardonicism, love the class. Can't wait to see what kinda stage moves he's got.

Bad news: I'm sick. I just can't catch a break.