September 02, 2002

Today I had lunch at a New York institution, and one of my favorite downscale-cheapo eateries, the Bendix Diner (the one in the East Village -- the flagship location in Chelsea is no longer there). The Bendix is homestyle American cooking with a sort of pop-Thai fusion. Curries, satays, basil dishes, side by side with comfort food like mashed potatoes and meatloaf. I had the buffalo wings, which aren't tabasco-based; they were served with a light chili sauce/orange-reduction thing that had a mild kick instead of being cockwavingly spicy. A nice change of pace, and very tasty.

Then I went down to a delicacy store on the Lower East Side and got some nosh: Turkish pistachios, prailine coffee, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and amaretto cordials (oh man, you haven't LIVED...). I like eating well ("well" as opposed to "the crap I settle for when I'm lazy/strapped for cash/pressed for time"); it makes me feel good about myself. And a happy tummy = a happy Jody.