May 14, 2002

As Nate Detritus mentions, has some new Top Fives up. I'll be posting mine later in the day.

On to my recap of last night's karaoke festivities. One word: "Surrender." (I was gonna do the lyrics from the demo, in which the narrator's father "had heard the WACs were dykes," but I forgot how that part went when I got up to sing.) Thunderous round of applause afterwards. Fave part? "We're all all right... motherfuckers!!!" Whoa boy, was I drunk. My friend did "Teenage Lobotomy," swinging the mic and pogoing around. Cute.

We bummed cigarettes from some yuppie guy at the bar, and he ended up dogging us all night. Not bad looking, but a little too sleazy and wasted for me. Aliza and I got rid of him by conspicuously making out while he was looking our way. Gawd, since when is "Can we bum a cigarette off you?" girl-code for "Your place, mine, or that bathroom over there"?

It was raining cats 'n' bats outside when we left @ 2 am. We ran down Houston St., soaking wet, screaming whatever lyrics popped into our brains ("BREAKING ROCKS IN THE... HOT SUN!!!!!!!") and talking about the band we're forming. I was wearing a very glammy scarf with peacock colors and silvery metallic threads -- I looked like fuckin' Bowie with the thing around my neck, but in the rain I had to tie it to my head, babushka-style. Not my best look. :-)

np: Cheap Trick, "Takin' Me Back"