May 03, 2002

Apparently, the new movie 24 Hour Party People introduces the theory that there's a revolution in popular music every 13 years. I'd prefer to think of music on a timeline of sixes -- every 10 years since 1956, seminal events have happened in rock.

It was easy to support my idea for '56-'76. Elvis; important records by Dylan, Beatles, etc.; punk comes into full bloom in NYC and makes its way to England; Master of Puppets, License to Ill, PMRC... but it took me a while to come up with 1996 milestones.

But with a little mental elbow grease: Ramones break up, Sex Pistols reunite to do the Filthy Lucre tour, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame opens (technically Dec. 24, 1995, but that's only a week off), Lilith Fair and Ozzfest tours make their debuts.

Newsworthy and culturally relevant events, for better or worse.