April 28, 2002

Cristal Oro made me drunk and tired. I'm less drunk and less tired now.

The main event in my music life: I'm going to see the almighty Motorhead (umlauts implied) on the 30th! This is my first major major rock show since about 1999, when I saw Hole at Roseland. I've never been to "the World" (the name of the WWF entertainment complex in Times Square); I dunno if it's arena-sized or what. I haven't been to a fuckin' ARENA show since the early '90s!

I've been thinking about Fatboy Slim. I'm not all that familiar with the guy's work, but it seems like his brand of techno-muzak exists only to furnish cool video directors like Spike Jonze and Roman Coppola with a soundtrack. "Weapon of Choice" may have been 2001's best rock video (Christopher Walken, with business suit and briefcase, gliding Astaire-style-and-then-some through a swanky hotel), but damn the torpedoes if I can remember a single second of that song.