April 28, 2002

Least Consequential Singles of 1961

1) "Your Shiny Tailfins (Got Nothin' on Mine)" by The Knick Knacks

2) "Your Shiny Tailfins (Got Nothin' on Mine)" by The Original Knick Knacks (cover of the Knick Knacks song)

3) "She Says It's Not Mine (The Hooba Looba Song)" by The Four Klansmen

4) "(Everbody's Doin') The Foolish Chinchilla" by Bobby and The Boxcutters

5) "Czar of the Negro Underworld" by Brother Julep (spoken-word, recorded live at Gimpy's Folk Tonguebath, MacDougal St., NYC)

6) "Just a Closer Drive to Thee" by Sister Poinsetta Geranium and the First Official Gospel Jubilee of the Son of God

7) "Waiting For Marriage (It's Hard)" by Boff Nimbly

8) "He Grabbed My Throat (And It Felt Like Shit)" by Sadie and The Maso-Lettes

9) "That Horse Kept On Ridin'" by Gun Dickerley

10) "Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh" by Twisti Froot