February 25, 2003

Another thing I finally got around to doing: I added a new batch of songs (over 4 hours' worth, in fact) to Nuclear Bunker Radio. The "this station plays tracks like" menu needs to switch over to reflect the changed playlist, so until Live365's little bot-widget does that (tomorrow?), the main page is inaccurate. I programmed these songs to play randomly -- the order of a given set is never the same each time (allowing for the creation of unplanned segues with their own kabbalistic internal logic), and the 100MB playlist broadcasts continuously from beginning to end, looping back again each time with a new track order, regardless of whether anyone's listening or not. It's fun! Please tune in.

New mp3s up on the sidebar too -- yeah, you know all these, but feel free to nostalgiate to 'em all over again.