August 31, 2002

W/R/T Pink (and I've said this before): I'll give you "Get This Party Started," but IT FUCKING ASTOUNDS ME how much people overrate this woman's talent. OK... so now instead of being a teenybop/hip-hop chica, she sings about popping pills and uses the word "bitch." And it's not that Pink doesn't strike me as particularly rebellious (authenticity -- I mean, eh, whatever), it's that I think people are having trouble differentiating attitude and musical worth. What is it about "Just Like a Pill" that people like so much, aside from the novelty factor of a Disneylicious pop star pretending to be Marianne Faithfull (or, more likely, Courtney Love)? It can't be the song itself, which is fairly rote Top 40, blandly produced and not that well-written.