August 31, 2002

Awright. Watching the rerun of the VMA pre-show. It's so insipid I'm pretty much numb to its stupidity -- I can't expect any better, and there's no disappointment. Christina Aguilera talked about her forthcoming album, Stripped ("No, no, it sounds like a sexual connotation but it's not, it's really about me as a person, and stripping stuff away to, um, get to the, um, personal stuff inside") (uh huh, and that's what Jennifer Love Hewitt's "Barenaked" is about). There was some embarrassing footinmouthspeak about Springsteen The Hardworking Post-9/11 American Hero. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. And yet I can't turn it off.

Kelly Osbourne was cute -- wearing a "My Boyfriend is Out of Town" t-shirt and revealing that she had no idea who was performing and didn't care very much.