May 17, 2002

My dad's new computer arrived today. He paid me $50 to set it up for him. Pretty sweet: It has a CD burner, DVD player, 17-inch (viewable) thin-panel monitor, state-of-the-art sound. I'll be taking full advantage of it -- I have a DVD player on my iMac, but since my sound card's broken (and I'd rather buy a new computer than get it fixed), the thing is useless to me. I just watched a few minutes of A Bug's Life in full-screen mode. Don't give a shit about the movie, but DVD quality makes me wanna stomp all my old VHS tapes to bits and burn them in a bonfire! Netflix, here I come!

He had his computer custom-built by a company out of California called iBuyPower. ("Dude! You're getting an iBuyPower!" Catchy.) The only major fuckup on their part is that they assigned the internal modem to a nonexistent port, but hopefully a call to tech support will straighten that out. Hopefully, they won't go belly up by tomorrow morning.

I have nothing "rock" to contribute to my "rockblog," except that I listened to The Nightfly and Marquee Moon tonight. "Friction" is my favorite song that spells out its title in the lyrics (also see: "Gloria," "Respect," and ABBA's "S.O.S.").