April 21, 2002

I saw Debbie Harry and Chris Stein on a Bravo show called Musicians. It's kinda like Charlie Rose meets Sessions at West 54th -- part "intimate interview" (David "Do I Look Like a Rock Critic or WHAT?!" Wild is the host) and part "intimate performance" (Stein and a session guy on acoustic guitars, Debbie on vox). They did some old songs, some new songs, and waxed philosophical about the good old days.

Debbie looks fantastic; I think she lost a little weight and maybe got some Botox, cuz she seems to have taken years off her face. Also, she's bombshell blonde again. :)

Her voice? Drop-dead gorgeous, as always. Makes my heart melt. And that Jersey accent... ooooh.

Chris Stein looks really good too; he's aging gracefully into that "mellow, greying beatnik with a Brooklyn accent" persona; naturally, he was wearing all black.

I'm in love with both of them.

But where was Jimmy Destri? I've long considered him Blondie's unsung genius; he was the other major songwriting contributor in the band, and was responsible for that signature Farfisa sound on songs like "Dreaming" -- in their prime, they were capable of generating pure ecstasy.

It's nice to see Blondie finally being taken seriously as a musical force (instead of "Hey, Debbie Harry, a woman in a band, how novel!" or "She inspired Madonna!!"). Debbie deserves heaps o' credit for not just being a hot chick in a rock band, but for being one of the great rock vocalists. So much personality. So much charisma. Grace, intelligence, poise, sarcasm, bittersweet emotion, flirtation -- all in the turn of a phrase. And the clarity of her voice -- oh, it can be rough, and it can be breathlessly sweet, but my god, she controls it so well. Like Ella Fitzgerald, her voice is a cruel mistress.