April 21, 2002

Well, now, let's see. I played guitar ('til my fingers bled? Not exactly, Bryan, but I did get an ingrown nail a few days ago; thanks for asking), some of the more well-known punk tunes stored up in my mental cache: "Sheena," "Beat on the Brat," "Pretty Vacant," "Damaged Goods," and because I ended up on an Amin7 at some point, "Sister Morphine." (What the hell is more punk than "I'm tryin'-a score"?) I think "Smash it Up Part 1" was also in there -- two seconds of it. All your favorite Library-jukebox classics. For good measure, I'll probably work on the "Now it's 1984" part of "California Uber Alles" before I go to bed.

I'm sure this is all very exciting to you, "the reader," "the American public." So...

I added two new blog links to the "Miscellany" section: Texting: Urban Depressive Signals and Crimes Against Film. If you like what I do, you'll flip over these cats.