May 20, 2005

Something I've learned about getting around in Tucson: If you can't find the street you're looking for, and you've been walking/driving/riding the bus in that direction for a long time with no success, and you're sure you're going the wrong way... you aren't. Just keep going. Inevitably, your destination is five blocks past the point where you get frustrated and give up.

This has happened to me three times already. Note to self: Buy a damn Thomas Guide already.

A few southwest songs:

Rory Gallagher - "Tucson, Arizona"
Rex Allen - "My Dear Old Arizona Home"
Pat Benatar - "Painted Desert"
Peter & Gordon - "3:10 to Yuma"
Gun Club - "Gila Monster, New Mexico/Preaching Blues"


At 9:33 AM, Blogger countrygrrl said...

fantastic to hear the irish cowboy..i always loved his stuff way before any americana sections in record shops...i know he straddled blues as well but this is pure alt country..sublime..thamks


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