May 08, 2005

And now for something... else. There's a comp called Polska Nowa Fala 1983 making the Bittorrent rounds. If you can put two and two together (or you understand Polish) you've probably already figured out that "Nowa Fala" is "New Wave" (the German equivalent was "Neue Deutsche Welle," and that's pretty close in pronunciation). Anyway, this seems to have been a genuine artifact of 1983, but other than a label (Mathaus Records) and some artwork I haven't come across much about it yet.

I'm just getting around to listening to it, and all I've heard so far are the Madame tracks, which aren't very "new wave" (I can't remember what they would have called it in '83, although it falls under the catch-all rubric "post-punk" now -- vaguely gothy Manchester/Liverpool sorta dancey dubby stuff with shimmery guitars and adenoidal vocals). I've uploaded them here cuz I fully expect some of you will hear this and go mental.

Madame - "Gdyby Nie Szerszenie"
Madame - "Moze Wlasnie Sybilla"
Madame - "Glupi Numer"
Madame - "Dzien Narodzin"
Madame - "Krawat Powieszony W Lazny"


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