May 06, 2005

All this creepy Christianity has imbued in me a newfound generosity, so I've uploaded the entire For Christians, Elves & Lovers album. A little more hunting around revealed that Gojira69's Ephemeral Treasures has the full text of the album's liner notes ("After reading J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, our pianist, Larry Hill, was sure Tolkien was a Christian. He made his search and found that Tolkien born of a Christian mother, who was a missionary in Africa at the time of his birth...") and high-quality scans of the front and back cover art.

Unsurprisingly, Christians, Elves has a notable Zeppelin influence -- 12-string balladry and mystical modal mucus (to borrow a favorite phrase), as well as all the leftover Jeff. Airplane/Buff. Springfield references (respectively: corny urban-revolutionary satire-blooze/minor-key plaints of Great Political Import sung by people who sound like they're too tired/baked to do anything about it) you'd expect from burnout hippies. Also, one song sounds like Blue Oyster Cult, one is a solo piano piece by Larry ("Larry's Song"!!), and one has an ethereal white chick butchering the 23rd Psalm. So it's more or less the Hair soundtrack, but without the token blacks.


At 9:33 AM, Blogger stockholm cindy said...

and the girls have a great mellow candle/linda perhacs kinda vibe.


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