May 26, 2005

Favorites (May wrap-up):

1) The bring-your-own-bottle water kiosks in Tucson parking lots -- 25 cents for a gallon of great-tasting filtered water (not necessarily cold, but when you're dehydrated, any water will bring immediate relief) (but it must be said that the tap water here isn't so drinkable).

2) Following from that... Glaceau SmartWater. Vapor-distilled (so it looks and tastes really clean, much more so than any other bottled water on the market) and enriched with electrolytes (which you need to keep replacing when you're overexerting yourself in dangerously hot weather). Way better for you than sugary Gatorade. My Trader Joe's sells it deliciously cold for 99 cents a liter.

3) Vitamin Water (also by Glaceau) and Propel Fitness Water (by Gatorade; it's low-calorie, low-carb, low-sugar, vitamin-enhanced, and naturally flavored). Hella refreshing.

4) Diet Dr. Pepper. Almost as ubiquitous here as Diet Coke. I want some right now, and I want it COLD.

5) Three-way tie: the espresso shake from Bentley's, the Frosty Dairy Dessert from Wendy's, and the raspberry frozen yogurt from Penguin's.


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