May 25, 2005

Bought a couple of LPs at Bookmans this evening. I probably paid too much for The Mason Williams Phonograph Record and Ron Wood's I've Got My Own Album to Do (which, heck, I've been looking for anyway), but considering that my third find, Jon Wilcox's Stages of My Life (1972; from Sharon, Connecticut's Folk-Legacy Records) sells for as much as $15 on the internet, I don't feel so bad about the $4 I spent on that.

Front cover shot:

You know you've scored when you've found a rare LP that still has its original inserts. This came with a lyric booklet (yes, a booklet, and there are Wilcox-penned liner notes in there too, all in IBM Selectric type), and a typed index card with the Folk-Legacy address on one side and a mailing list/catalog request form on the other.

The booklet:


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