April 28, 2005

Breaking news! (And this is one development plan I'm actually sort of happy about, being that it'd boost a local economy that REALLY needs a boost, plus it'd be ridding the area of an ecosystem of health hazards and serious criminal activity.)

April 14,2005: Developer Unveils Plan For National Retailers At Dixie Square (Article From The
Star) By Michael Hirtzer

A developer Monday touted a plan to bring several top tier stores to the long-shuttered Dixie Square
Mall in Harvey.

John Deneen, president of Chicago-based Emerald Property Group, said he already has received
calls from stores such as Costco, DSW Shoes, Kohl's and Old Navy. All of the businesses have shown
an interest in opening shop, he said.

"Several national tenants have begun contacting us, which, when we first started, was quite the
opposite," Deneen said during Monday's city council meeting.

The $74 million project could create as many as 1,000 new jobs, all of which will be available to
Harvey residents, Deneen said.

Deneen said demolition could begin as early as this week at the site. The group is demolishing many
of the remaining structures not already slated for redevelopment. Deneen declined to say how many
buildings will be part of the group's plan.

The 33-acre mall, near 152nd Street and Dixie Highway, has been mostly vacant since 1979.

On Monday, the city council voted to transfer the vacant property to the developer. Last month, the
council voted to apply for Class 8 status for the property, giving the developer more than a 50 percent
break on property taxes.

Before the council voted on the matter Monday, several aldermen praised the plan.

"This is the first viable developer that's going to finish the job," Ald. Daryl Crudup, 3rd Ward, said.

Ald. Thomas Dantzler, 4th Ward, said city officials have been aggressively marketing the property for
less than a year and already have results. The YMCA is building senior housing nearby, and a Harvey
food service business is expanding into the former Montgomery Wards building.

"I don't think Dixie Square was free for six months, and we already have several developers
interested," Dantzler said.

Mayor Eric Kellogg called the day "historic."

"These areas have laid dormant for years. Now they're being brought back to life," Kellogg said.

Deneen said he hopes to break ground on the project by the end of the year.

(from DixieSquare.com)


At 3:44 PM, Blogger stockholm cindy said...

So I urge all you amateur explorers to snap as many pictures as you can of the place before it's gone forever! I'd go myself but I don't drive and Harvey doesn't sound like a town where I'd wanna do too much walking. :-(

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