January 21, 2005

Starcastle special coming soon. Meanwhile, here are a couple of mp3 goodies from the collection.

1) The first is Dana and Gene's "Dario, Can You Get Me Into Studio 54?" The Disco Museum page about Dana and Gene supplies a surprising who's-who of '60s and '70s industryfolk: producer/songwriter/music publisher Ritchie Cordell (author of a couple of Tommy James' biggest hits), Kenny Laguna (right-hand man to Joan Jett, accomplished producer, and former keyboardist for Tommy James' Shondells), August Darnell (who wrote "Dario" and later recorded it for Kid Creole and the Coconuts' Off the Coast of Me album), and Ellie Greenwich, who I'm sure needs no intro around here.

Take a song about Studio 54, put some industry muscle behind it, and give it to a cute girl (and some guy) to sing -- lightning in a bottle, right? Nope; one of the key guys involved with working the record left the label, and apparently no one else there could drum up enough promotion or radio play to make "Dario" a hit. Just as well; it doesn't really sound like a smash.

2) Any song that has its own Snopes page is indisputably classic. Here's the Crystals' "The Screw (Let's Dance)", written and produced by Phil Spector.


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