January 05, 2005

MP3s, images, and whatnot will be back up pretty soon... I have to re-FTP all my files to the server (ugh), but I'll get the blog stuff uploaded first.

Last night I had a dream that I was sharing a dilapidated Southern California white-elephant mansion with a group of girls, Real World-style. They were utterly filthy and I couldn't stand it. IRL I have a phobia of bugs; in the dream I was so freaked out by the girls' messiness that I started hallucinating bugs of all classifications, shapes, sizes, on the stairs, on the walls, on the furniture, crawling over empty plates. Everyone said I was crazy and I kept waving my arms and going "no! look! don't you see?" Beautiful house though. Right on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the water. Huge bay windows and views from EVERYWHERE.

Then some friends came to rescue me. We tried to sail away in a canoe, but we weren't prepared for how cold the water was (no one had a wet suit). We ditched the canoe, rented a van, and hauled ass to the northeast.


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