December 30, 2004

Let's end this godawful year with a promise confident assertion of good things to come: I wanna put some more mp3s up in this blogbitch, and I'll start doing so right bloody now.

The first comes from Le Pamplemousse (about whom the Disco Museum has a generous biography). Basically, Le Pamplemousse were a couple of hack producers/session men from the '60s (Laurin Rinder and Michael Lewis) who got tipped off to disco fairly early on, and in the intrepid spirit of capitalism, said "I can do this!" God bless America.

"Creepin'" is an album track from the 1979 LP Planet of Love. Their big single, the cheeky "Le Spank" (a cash-in on a local dance craze at a Chicago disco called Dingbats), came a few years earlier. The Pamplemousse discography includes three albums and a handful of 12s. The albums' liner notes attribute the instrumentation to several musicians, none of whom actually existed, claims Laurin Rinder (he says he and Michael Lewis played everything themselves). Entirely possible; a lot of producers are more capable musicians than the schlubs they're producing! They have to be. Which is one reason why a made-up band >>>> a real band.

Second mp3 is Droids, Shanti Dance - Part 2. All you need to know about this late-Kosmische/early-Italo curiosity is that (a) they're French, (b) the LP is called Star Peace and came out a year after ohhhhh take a wild guess which movie, (c) Star Peace marries the Moog/ARP/Oberheim trifecta with... tablas, and (d) this is the cover:


At 4:00 PM, Blogger Jedi Knight said...

Hi there!
I like that Droids experiment... It's a lot like trace music, specially (Do You Have) THe Force part 1. I love it!
Your link to the song is broken :(
Best wishes,
Alen Kladd


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