September 22, 2002

"Radio Freeze Turkey" is a 2-CD mix that I made for a friend out in Salt Lake City. The idea was to treat it like one of my old radio shows -- no set theme or genre, just good arcs and great segues. Vol. 01 hits the ground running with the dancey clubby stuff, and then abandons the dance idea for a bit of postpsychedelic Euro-prog, and picks the beat back up with some Latin (and Latin-influenced) soul jazz. Vol. 02 keeps the samba and soul jazz going and alternates it with touches of soul AND jazz (and funk), until... halfway through... the whole affair turns into a silly singalong rock extravaganza, climaxing with Klaus Nomi's marvelously operatic and cheerful "Simple Man" and encoreing with Nina Hagen's barnburning "My Way."