September 17, 2002

I haven't seen this, but I'm gonna track it down. From an e-mail list I'm on:

check out the last 2 issues of the hip-hop magazine Big Daddy(I think that's what it's called.) It has an amazing 2 part series called the History of Cut-n-Paste, starting with the french avant-garde composers, and going deep deep deep and in depth into disco re-edit bootlegs, Danny Krivit, tape spliced hip hop and electro to sampling, Pal Joey, Coldcut etc etc. Totally educational.

NB: The Big Daddy site (which appears to be down, but you can view a cached version) says there will be a Part 3 as well. The series (by Neil McMillan) is called "Cut Up or Shut Up: An Edited History of Cut'n'Paste." Anyone seen Part 1?