September 18, 2002

Sooo, err, ummm... I don't suppose anyone has an extra ticket for the WFMU benefit?

I'm a putz. I hardly ever buy tickets before the night of a show. I used to, ya know, and then I started feeling stupid when I'd get to the venue and the show would be nowhere NEAR sold out. And I seem to remember once trying to organize some sort of concertgoing experience with a friend, and having the friend rejoin my suggestion with a dismissive "Who the hell buys tickets IN ADVANCE?" (Same losers who wanna get there early to see the opening acts their cover charge is paying for, I guess.)

But here's why I love New York City. A benefit featuring ESG, the Styrenes, Outhud, and David Grubbs -- AND EVEN LIKE A WEEK BEFORE THE SHOW THERE ARE NO TICKETS LEFT. For once I'm actually proud of the Time Out New York-reading poseur hipsters that live here.