August 15, 2002

I do wanna see it again. On DVD. (Do you know that a movie ticket in NYC now costs ten dollars?)

It's kinda nice that the cost of seeing a band at a bar/club hasn't gone up that much in the past 20 years -- I'm not talking about arena shows (or concerts at any other large venue), cuz those'll run you anywhere from $30 to $100. But New York still has plenty of bars where you can drop six bucks and see a couple of cool bands (and maybe a couple of lousy ones, on the same bill). And maybe you'll pay five bucks more for a beer, but that's your choice. $11 is still reasonable for a town that gets two grand for a one-bedroom apartment.

And then there are places like the Luna Lounge, where there's no cover at all -- they must make a MINT on their booze sales.