August 09, 2002

Today I'm using my blog as a notepad to jot down a list of things I must eventually check out. Here's another, courtesy of DJ Martian's page: (Update: "Introducing Carl Cocks" is totally badass.)

Tim Hecker - My Love Is Rotten To The Core - Substractif

'My Love is Rotten to the Core' continues the precedent of musical sabotage, or plunderphonics, established in Hecker's earlier releases. We will not ruin the surprise by mentioning who is at the mercy of this incredibly talented young artist but we can tell you that the outcome is amazing. If you were blown away by the homage to 60's pop by Fennesz, wait until you hear Tim Hecker's take on the 80's Cock Rock phenomenon. Tim Hecker has the remarkable ability to create compositions that combine both ambience and noise, yet remain very accessible to those who might normally avoid either or both of those genres. This is because he manages to create deeply emotional music even where there is a lack of melody, as is very evident on this latest EP. Here Hecker has laced together snippets of interviews, concert announcements and the manipulated sounds of the original artist to come up with possibly the most engaging experimental electronica to emerge in some time. Sampled voices unfold while a transformed guitar chord comes tearing from the left to the right speaker before erupting and reshaping itself again. This is ambient music with incredible punch and loads of surprises.