August 09, 2002

"Grant Lee Phillips (Grant Lee Buffalo), John Doe (X) and Kristen Hersh (Throwing Muses) are planning a fall tour. The singer/songwriters came to decide to tour together out of a few commonalties; mutual admiration, they all evolved from band member to solo artist, and they each consider themselves to be a bit of an oddball. The show is being billed as The Exile Follies..."

And if you're in New York, you can catch the Exile Follies at the Bowery Ballroom on September 25. I'll try to be there -- Doe has never wowed me as a solo artist, but I'm hoping he catches some sparks from Kristin Hersh and Grant Lee Phillips. I've seen Hersh and Phillips live, both in similar settings -- Hersh did a set with Vic Chestnutt, trading songs back and forth, and Phillips did the same when he toured with Robyn Hitchcock. I hope that's what this tour will be like.