August 15, 2002

E-mail I just got:


NEW YORK -- Imagine finding out that there's a million other people into the exact same music that you're into. Well now, you can imagine no more, because it's real. uses cutting-edge technology that lets you talk about Eric Clapton with a buddy in Tokyo, or find other concert goers for Madonna's next show in the Big Apple, or discuss Janet Jackson's latest album with a group of people from the south of France.

"It's pretty amazing what you can do," says founder and president, Jay Patel. "You never realize how many other people think the same way you do, and feel the same way you do about certain artists and singers. It's like finding a whole new world." lets you start relationships with people around the world, based on musical tastes. "It gives both people a lot to have in common right off the bat," says Patel, "plus I think you get along with people alot better when you listen to the same kinds of music."

The site allows users to log on and register for free, and then have the opportunity to go for even more advanced features for a small monthly fee.

Patel adds, "No more painful blind dates, no more relatives trying to "fix" you up with the "right" person. Rather, it's taking advantage of what technology has to offer…allowing you from the comfort of your home computer, to browse pictures and profiles of people, one them who could wind
up being the love of your life!"

The site is also useful for bands starting out, or hopeful singers and musicians. They can post their upcoming play dates on the website, as well as reviews of their CD's or albums. This gives music lovers the chance to discover new bands and artists.

"The fact that you're using a secure server, makes for a much more easier experience," he says. "You can find a date, or an online buddy, or possibly a long-term partner. You begin to realize that there's so much to do and so many places where you can enjoy music, and it really makes your whole entire life alot more colorful."

The service will begin in the United States, and will launch in Japan and the U.K. later this year.

"No more painful blind dates"? I doubt that.

"So... you like Beck, huh?"

"Um, yeah. Guess so."

"Hmm. So... you like Stiff Little Fingers, huh?"

"Did I say that?"

"It's on your profile, dude."


"Hey, you know what? Never mind. I think that was someone else."


"What do you like?"

"Um, I'm rilly into Oasis."

"Excuse me." (Person A gets up, beats a hasty retreat to the bathroom, and crawls out the window. We hear a loud thud.)