June 29, 2002

VH1 Classic is doing an all-request weekend -- I just e-mailed them asking for "Never Say Never" by Romeo Void and "Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio" by the Ramones. And their ratings are so low they'll prolly play both of 'em!

My Friday night was an okay night of rockrollmusik, but I didn't eat lunch or dinner and walked around feeling dizzy and lightheaded all through the show (there was a no re-entry policy, so I couldn't duck out for pizza during the bad bands). At one point I slumped over in the corner because I thought I might pass out, and someone who had seen me writing in my notepad earlier on sat down next to me and said "You can always tell who the writers are." He gave me his card. He was a staff writer from Entertainment Weekly. I tried really hard to be polite, and I know I'm supposed to be all impressed and shit that he writes for someone even my grandma has heard of, but I totally wasn't into the conversation and I just wanted to be left alone. If he thought I was blowing him off, that wasn't my intention at all, but with me, timing is everything. Plus, I wasn't sure whether he was "networking" or just hitting on me. Whatever. I gave him one of my cards -- which don't have a phone number on 'em.

Once the Rezillos came on I felt a little better -- however, it was 2 am and I felt like heading home already.

Interesting fact: The show was at the Polish National Home in Brooklyn. It's an actual Polish community-center type thing with a bar/ballroom setup that an entrepreneur bought out and renamed Warsaw. Nice space, terrible acoustics.