June 25, 2002

A friend and I were talking about the GE "industrial musicals" of the '70s -- apparently these corporate presentations, only available in a tiny pressing of waaay-out-of-print LPs, have been raised up from the dead and issued on a best-of CD. He didn't know the specifics, and I can only find this article, which alludes to something released overseas a few years ago called Product Music. A search for that title led me nowhere. Hrmm.

But I did alert my friend to the fact that WFMU's "Incorrect Music Hour" has been on the GE tip for quite some time, even performing "The Answer" (from the Got to Investigate Silicones album) with an ensemble cast at one of their "Incorrect Music Videos" events. You can hear the original in Real Audio here (scroll down to the "Songs" section).