June 27, 2002

"Nobody's heard Brian Eno"? I'm not even gonna go into how dumb this Vice Magazine article is. I feel like I should comment on why the piece is so dumb -- if you've never heard Siouxsie and the Banshees before, you might actually take this guy's assessment that "[e]arly British punk was cool to look at but nobody listened to half of those bands" at face value. But trying to make sense of his reasoning assumes that he actually has a line of reasoning, and isn't simply out to rile up a few rock critics with some blanket statements. He's so pleased with himself that if he took the time to see whether any of his theories added up, he might have to get off his pissy little cloud for a second -- or forever.

Update: It's even worse than I thought. The article was "compiled by the Vice staff" -- not just one misguided little collegiate ninny.