June 10, 2002

There's this Feelies song called "Only Life" that I play whenever I feel like I'm losing my sense of humor and taking the world too seriously.

Yeah, well... I've been "edgy" lately. I'm kinda bipolar (oh, relax, I've never killed anyone) and stupid little pain-in-the-ass things (and people) make me emotional and angry sometimes.

I was trying to post something just now, and my browser gave me that message telling me the software performed an illegal operation, it would be shut down, I'd lose any unsaved work... well, now, FUCK.

I went nuts there for a second. I cursed and yelled and grabbed the first thing I saw so I could throw it across the room. It was... a mix tape someone made for me years ago. I was like "Yeah! I'll throw this old piece of shit...

...wait, what's on here, anyway?"

I was all set to smash it against the wall, and I stopped to check out the track list.

Track 4: "Feelies -- Only Life."