June 10, 2002

I have another reason to be suspicious of DJ Spooky. I Audiogalaxied a track of his for a new mix I'm working on, and found out the file was corrupt, rendering my RealOne Player completely unusable. Tried uninstalling the program and re-installing it, and got an "illegal operation" message (and I fucking HATE those... like it's YOUR fault their software is shit). Uninstalled it again, finally, but I'm downloading the Roxio Easy CD Creator. This CD-R .will get made.

Actually, I hit a brick wall with the mix tonight -- I'm going for vibe over humor/shock value/kitsch, and that means a lot of good songs just won't make the final cut. But now my "vibe" album is starting to sound like a "chillout" album. Hmmm.

Details to be posted when I finish the goddamn thing.